My Pussy Tastes Better Than Pepsi Cola
enjoy, dolls.


tall guys with good taste in music, dark hair, beards and tattoos are the best ok

my king, ugh!

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there was a guy at the club who started grinding against me from behind,

and he had an erection. it’s not fair that that wasn’t my boyfriend’s boner. he is so far away.

it was wonderful going to my favorite club this weekend,

because i love dancing the night away. dancing with boys is fun too, until they ask you to show them the tattoos on your body. ones that don’t even exist.

i think i’m addicted to sex not only because of the act, but

because sex makes you open up a part of yourself. a sliver of you that not many people get to see. it’s a vulnerable state no matter how comfortable, relaxed, or into it you are. it’s a big fucking step. and i always end up caring for those who show me their soul.